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Polypropylene staple fibre spun yarn properties
Mar 04, 2017

Performance form of polypropylene yarn polypropylene vertical straight smooth cut are circular, density polypropylene biggest advantage is texture light, its density is only 0.91g/cm3 are common in chemical fiber density lighter varieties, so the same weight of PP can get higher coverage than other fibres. Tensile strength of polypropylene high elongation, high initial modulus, elastic quality. So polypropylene wear sex good; also, polypropylene of wet strong Basic is equal to dry strong, so it is making nets, and cable of ideal material; moisture sex and dyeing nature light warm sex good; almost not moisture, but core sucking capacity is strong, moisture row Khan role obviously; polypropylene of moisture sex is small, almost not moisture, general atmosphere conditions Xia of resurgence rate close Yu zero. But it has a core role, can pass through the fabric by capillary water vapor, but it has no effect.

Polypropylene of dyeing sex poor, color spectrum not full, but can used dope coloring of method to make up insufficient; acid alkali sex polypropylene has better of resistance chemical corrosion sex, except thick nitric acid, thick of caustic soda outside, polypropylene on acid and alkali resistance performance good, so for as filter material and packaging material; resistance light sex, polypropylene resistance light sex poor, hot stability also poor, easy aging, not resistance ironing. In spinning, but can be used by adding antioxidant to increase its anti-aging properties. In addition, good electrical insulating properties of the pp, but is easy to generate static electricity. Due to the polypropylene thermal conductivity is small, warm and well; after nylon stretch strength of high strength polypropylene fiber, but the price was only nylon 1/3; made from fabric dimensional stability, abrasion resistance elasticity is good, good chemical stability. But poor thermal stability, not resistant to sunlight and easy to aging tendering, often joining the antioxidant in polypropylene; flame-melting reduction, flammable, slow fire burning and belching black smoke, flame-yellow at the top, the bottom blue, emitting a smell of oil, ash is a hard pale yellow brown granules after burning, hands twisting breakable.

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