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Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric Light Weight And Corrosion Resistance
Sep 08, 2017

Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric also known as harvest cloth. For the long fiber non-woven, is a better permeability, moisture absorption and a certain light transmission of the new cover material. Anti-UV non-woven fabrics are thin, thick and thick type, usually in grams per square meter of the name, such as 20 grams per square meter of non-woven fabrics, 30 grams per square meter of non-woven fabrics and so on. The following fruit basket dedicated non-woven Xiaobian to introduce:

Non-woven fabric thickness is different, permeability, shading rate, ventilation are different, coverage and use are also different. General 20-30 g / square meter of thin non-woven fabric permeability and ventilation of large, light weight, can be used for open areas and greenhouses, greenhouse floating surface cover, can also be used for open-air shed, greenhouses, greenhouse insulation screen, night From the role of insulation, can improve the temperature 0.7 ~ 3.0 ℃. 40-50 g / square meters of nonwovens with low permeability, shading rate is greater, the quality is heavier, generally used as greenhouse, greenhouse insulation screen, can also replace the grass cover cover in the shed, to strengthen the role of insulation The This kind of greenhouses with nonwovens are also suitable for summer and autumn shade nursery and cultivation. Thicker nonwovens (100 to 300 g / m2) instead of grass curtains, grass thatch, together with the plastic sheeting greenhouse, multi-layer covered in the greenhouse. According to the study, covering greenhouses with non-woven than covered with straw curtain insulation effect is remarkable, and lighter than the grass curtain, easy management, is expected to achieve mechanization or semi-mechanized Jie cover. Now non-woven application technology introduced as follows:

First, the product features

Nonwovens is a kind of new type of covering material with good permeability, hygroscopicity and light transmittance. It has the functions of keeping warm, frostproof and anti-sun exposure. And light weight, corrosion resistance, long life (4-5 years), easy to use storage. White nonwovens can coordinate crop growth microclimate, especially in winter open field or greenhouse nursery and vegetables, nursery stock temperature, light and light transmission relationship; summer can prevent the sun exposure to bring seedbed water evaporation fast, nursery missing and vegetables, flowers Such as young seedlings of burns.

Second, the use of methods

1, garden trees transplanting and fake planting. Large trees, small seedlings before planting, the first non-woven shop in the tree pit and then planted, and then covered with nutrient soil, with this method of planting trees and trees high survival rate, and water and fertilizer.

2, winter greenhouse, open field nursery with (specifications 25-30 g / 280 cm) floating surface cover. Can prevent wind and increase the temperature. Seedbed side of the soil with non-woven compaction, the other side with brick and soil compaction, can also be used bamboo or thick wire made of small shed, the non-woven cloth covered in the above, surrounded by brick or soil compaction insulation. Covered vegetables, flowers, need more than the sun, so that morning break, evening cover. For floating surface cover, can be increased from the surface of 10 cm temperature of about 2 ℃, to improve the temperature 1-2 ℃, covered by vegetables can be 5-7 days ahead of the market, increase production of about 15%. 3, for the ceiling with. In the greenhouse, a shed in a non-woven fabric for the ceiling, ceiling and plastic greenhouse film spacing 15-20 cm; the formation of an insulation layer, can improve the shed temperature 3-5 ℃, opened during the day, closed at night, Closed tightly effective.

4, in the small shed outside the cover (specifications 80-100 g / 280 cm), instead of straw curtain insulation, cost savings than the grass curtain 20%, greatly extend the service life; also in a small shed covered a layer of non-woven, And then cover the plastic film, can improve the temperature of 5-8 ℃.

5, for sun exposure. With non-woven cloth directly covered in the seedbed, morning cover, evening expose, can effectively improve Qimiao, whole seedlings. Vegetables, flowers seedlings, in the seedlings, the summer can be directly covered on the seedlings.

6, in the cold before the advent of vulnerable to the destruction of tea, flowers and other crops, directly covered with non-woven, can effectively reduce the loss of frost damage.

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