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Anti Slip Shoe Cover Demand Is Also Greatly Improved
Oct 31, 2017

Anti Slip Shoe Cover  is a new product, specifically in the slippery and greasy and other security threats to the ground use of the shoe cover, slip resistance is the primary function of modern non-slip shoe cover. With the people's awareness of labor protection and self-protection, for the protection of the feet are gradually being recognized.

In daily life, whether at home or outdoors, whether it is sunny or rainy day, slipping the human injury may occur at any time. Experts point out that slipping is because the body can not properly support its weight and lose balance, its influencing factors are very complex, need to consider the road conditions, walking speed, soles contact area, the human nervous system function and other factors. A casual slip, may be incontinent, or even fatal. People's anti-skid requirements of shoes is getting higher and higher, the demand for non-slip shoe cover is also greatly improved.

In fact, because the workers in the use of tools, operating machinery, handling materials and other operations, the foot is usually in the lowest position of the job posture, at any time access to bulky, hard, with angular objects, so that was injured, Crush. On the other hand, if the feet do not stand firm, the body will lose balance, undermine the normal job posture, may lead to accidents. Therefore, the protection of foot safety equipment is very important. According to the operating conditions and the selection of a special suitable protective shoe cover, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of foot injury.

Non-slip shoe cover (in addition to disposable shoe cover) to regular maintenance, it is best to develop habits, immediately after each use cleaning and maintenance. When the shoe cover is not used, place it in a dry, constant temperature, less dust, so that the shoes can be more durable and maintain the best condition. After all, non-slip shoe cover is the life and work to protect the toes of the weapon, in addition to providing foot comfort, but also to protect the toes from harm.

Most of the material of the shoe cover, neutral soap can be used to clean the water (be careful not to use detergent cleaning), the wet shoe cover drained water after the cool and ventilated place, should not be dried with a fire or dryer Will damage the shoes of the material (especially industrial rubber shoe cover).

Maintenance of non-slip shoe cover also need to pay attention to what?

Industrial rubber non-slip shoe cover maintenance experience: easy maintenance of non-slip shoe cover can continue to use for several years, for enterprises to save a large amount of labor insurance shoes investment costs.

1, storage and maintenance: If you do not use for a long time, should be kept at room temperature in the dark; re-use should check whether there is damage, if damaged in time to replace;

2, cleaning procedures: washing, machine wash, dry naturally, to avoid direct heating;

3, should not let the shoe cover contact with strong acid or strong corrosive and other items.

Rhitherical calling Results Avg - Rubber base and tendon at the end of the toughness, wear anti-skid effect is better.

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