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Anti Slip Shoe Cover Is A New Product
Jun 23, 2017

  Anti Slip Shoe Cover is a new product. Fully use of high-quality imported natural high elasticity rubber and special steel nail, this nail bearing capacity in the 100kg above, so as to ensure the reliable quality of anti-skid shoe sleeve and superior non-slip performance.Anti Slip Shoe Cover Effectively prevent slippery ground, ice and snow pavement and other special places slipping, fall injury! Applicable to the elderly, women and public security, fire fighting, armed police, rock climbing, transportation, transport and other special industries and outdoor activists. Emergency hundred Bao Luggage shop's non-slip shoes cover wear outside the shoes do not deform, do not fall off, do not slip, can be used repeatedly.

  Now workers are basically wearing high-grade leather shoes, in the event of snow shoes will be affected by the quality, and sometimes degumming deformation; Also,Anti Slip Shoe Cover tourists in the trip to meet snow is also very troublesome. So this product has a broad market prospects.

  Shoe sleeve style is increasing, there are 4 nails, 6 nails, 10 nails. Styles generally look the same. Just outside of any shoe. After use any pair of ordinary shoes can become a pair of spikes. Suitable for outdoor sports, not suitable for indoor walking, because sharp nails will scratch the ground.Anti Slip Shoe Cover This product is currently the most used raw materials in the domestic TPE, TPR, products can be used under-40 degrees.

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