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How Do Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric Use In Vegetable Greenhouses?
Oct 10, 2017

How do Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric use in vegetable greenhouses?

Nonwovens as a new type of insulation materials, used in the greenhouse vegetable production, and achieved good economic benefits.

1, insulation. Nonwovens for long-wave light transmittance is lower than plastic film. Because the night radiation area of the heat mainly rely on long-wave radiation, so cover the insulation effect is outstanding.

2, breathable humidity. Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric are made of filaments stacked into a mesh, with a high porosity, breathable, permeable, and automatically adjustable in humidity.

3, shading cooling. Coated with non-woven non-woven, with shading effect. Different colors of non-woven shading, cooling effect is different. Shading effect Black is better than yellow, yellow is better than blue.

4, anti-aging. Agricultural non-woven fabric after anti-aging treatment, the thicker the greater the loss rate of cloth.

After the practice of farmers, nonwovens in the greenhouse vegetable production is mainly used in the following areas:

Used as the bottom of the grass as the "two" insulation material. Many sheds shed the shed, not only covered the grass thatch, but also at the bottom of the grass to add a layer of Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric. According to the farmers introduced, by adding "two" insulation materials (non-woven), can significantly improve the greenhouse insulation performance, than simply covered grass that is higher than 2 ℃ -3 ℃, which will help the growth of vegetables. In addition, in the use of rolling machine shed on the application of non-woven, but also to protect the grass that, to extend its service life.

Used in the shed on the wall as a "slope protection" rain material. With a number of non-woven stitching together the entire back wall wrapped up, and with steel wire to be fixed, can reduce the heat loss of the back wall; can prevent rain and snow, protect the wall; can cover the weeding, reduce pests and diseases into the shelter.

Other applications. In the multi-film covered with early spring shed watermelon production, Agriculture Cover Nonwoven Fabric can be directly covered in the arch of the small shed, insulation and cold effect.

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