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Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric Has Many Features That Are Extremely Versatile And Extremely Versatile
Oct 16, 2017

Hydrophilic non-woven fabric is a non-woven, polypropylene is used as raw material, after high-temperature drawing polymerization network, and then hot-rolled into a kind of cloth. In terms of environmental protection, most of the non-woven raw materials currently used are polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene, although the two substances are similar in name, but the chemical structure is very different. Polyethylene has a very strong stability, very difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag takes 300 years to be decomposed, and the chemical structure of polypropylene is not strong, the molecular chain can easily be broken, which can be effectively degraded, and no The form of poison into the next cycle of the environment, a non-woven shopping bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed. And non-woven shopping bags can be reused more than 10 times, the pollution of the environment after the pollution is only 10% of plastic bags.

Hydrophilic non-woven products Features:

Durability, disposable. Insulated, nonconductive. Softness, just quite. Fine, inflatable. Isotropic, anisotropy Filterable, breathable and impermeable. Elasticity, stiffness. Light, loose, warm Thin as onion skin, heavy as felt. Waterproof and moisture. Ironing, stitching, molding. Flame retardant, antistatic. Permeable, waterproof, wearable, fleece. Resistant to wrinkles, good elasticity, high moisture absorption, water repellency.

Hydrophilic non-woven use

Nonwovens have many features on the excellent performance, the use of extremely wide, according to its use can be divided into:

1, clothing with non-woven fabrics: lining cloth (powder, point paddle);

2, medical and health with non-woven fabrics: medical gauze, operating room with a dress, hat masks, etc .;

3, home decoration, home non-woven fabrics: curtain cloth, tablecloths, cloth, scouring cloth, etc .;

4, filter material with non-woven fabrics: air-conditioning filter mesh, fish tank water filter cloth;

5, industrial non-woven fabrics: dust cloth, printing cloth cleaning cloth;

6, the automotive industry with non-woven fabrics: interior materials, carpets, etc., cloth, cloth, etc .;

7, packaging with non-woven fabrics: flowers, gifts and other packaging cloth;

8, non-woven fabrics for agriculture and horticulture: fruit bagging;

9, military, defense industry with non-woven fabrics: geotextile, special-purpose industrial cloth.

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