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Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market Overview :
Sep 29, 2017

Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market Overview :

Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market is expected to garner $10.6 Billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 9.6% during the forecast period 2015-2020.

The global medical nonwoven disposables market is a billion-dollar market and exhibits a significant growth rate.The market revenues would steadily increase over the next 4 to 5 years. The major factors that drive the growth of the medial nonwoven disposables market, globally, are the increasing count of aging population, improved healthcare infrastructure, rising per capita spending on healthcare, improving hygiene habits and favourable government regulations. North America holds the largest market for medical nonwoven disposables owing to high consumption rate of advanced medical products, and a comparatively higher level of consciousness for hygiene. However, over the forecast period, Asia Pacific would emerge as the fastest growing region and would supersede North America market by 2020. China, particularly, is expected to drive the market growth in the Asia Pacific region. The CXOs opine that in future, the key for sustaining amidst an intensely competitive front and expanding prospects in the global market lies in improving the distribution channels and dynamically enhancing the product capacity.

The report focuses on global medical nonwoven disposables market and its varied application in healthcare and personal hygiene (incontinence) sector. The report highlights numerous factors that influence the global medical nonwoven disposables market such as market forecast, trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities and role of different key players operating in the market. The report highlights the segments of incontinence products and surgical supplies products. The report excludes data on baby diapers and exclusively covers the market information of adult diapers.

Factors such as increasing aging population, easy availability of woven substitutes, prevalence of hospital acquired infections (HAIs), rising demand of healthcare facilities in developing economies, disposal of nonwovens and growing trend of less-invasive surgery are affecting the medical nonwovens disposables market. One may therefore conclude that these factors would collectively govern the efficiency and success of the medical nonwoven disposables market.

Developing economies such as China and India provide a huge opportunity for the growth of the medical nonwoven disposables market. Increase in healthcare infrastructure in disposable income of people in such countries led to the increase in the demand for nonwoven disposables. In addition, the ongoing improvement of the health care infection prevention standards would further drive the growth of this market.

Healthcare expenditure in developing countries (% of GDP)

Healthcare expenditure in developing countries (% of GDP)

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