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Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric To Environmental Degradation, What Is Made Out Of The
Aug 02, 2017

  Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric to environmental degradation, what is made out of the

  Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric (also known as Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric), Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric (more formal scientific name) The industry's professional name is called polypropylene spunbond staple fiber Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric, called polypropylene is raw materials,

  Spunbond is a process, staple fiber is to describe its fiber properties, because the corresponding long fiber. Traditional fabrics, whether woven or knitted or other weave, the processing of fiber -

  Spinning - weaving, and Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric do not need this process, so called Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric. Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric manufacturing process, fiber-net - consolidation - post-processing, the type is mainly in accordance with the consolidation

  Into the network method of classification, mainly spunbond, spunlace, acupuncture, hot rolling and so on.

  Can degradation mainly depends on the type of fiber, if it is all natural fiber, certainly can. If you can recover, then, in fact, is a green material, most Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric

  Especially the common Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric bags, are spunbonded, biodegradable.

  Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric printing how to design to save money

  How can print save more money? Follow a few design principles.

  1, try not to full version of printing, that is, less color, ink with less, of course, less cost on the consumption;

  2, the number of colors, in general, the number of colors with less, on the one hand when you can save version of the version fee, on the one hand to reduce the difficulty of printing sets of color, the more color, color is also difficult, loss will be very little;

  3, do not use the background color, if you can not use, please use light colors;

  4, as far as possible without gradient color.

  From the printing process point of view, can be printed with offset printing, copper can not use the UV printing or hot foil transfer.

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