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Non-woven Fabric Products Four Features
Aug 15, 2017

  Non-woven fabric products four features

  As a result of Non-woven products in the production and use of huge advantages, is widely used in the hospital protective clothing, shopping bags in supermarkets, greenhouses planting, clothing and so on all walks of life have a significant effect, where is his advantage in the end? What are the advantages that make non-woven fabrics so favored and optimistic?

  1th, the use of environmentally-friendly non-woven products not like other plastic products, difficult to degrade, plastic products, the quality of the better, more difficult to degrade, as long as dozens of years, and non-woven fabric is a very easy to degrade the chemical products, even if buried in the ground, after not more than one years of time, will degrade;

  2nd, the Heat preservation performance is good, the rise of agricultural vegetable greenhouse planting, if you want to change the limit of the growth cycle of crops, it is necessary to control the temperature properly, and all the insulation material, the film Non-woven fabric insulation performance is stronger, and better, and cost and service life than forage or heat preservation is more practical.

  3rd, strong plasticity because now we advocate the green life, people's own health awareness is also increasing, and the use of disposable non-woven products, not only can achieve this requirement, and the cost will not rise too much;

  4th, the production of environmentally-friendly non-woven fabric is a dry process non-woven products, the production process does not use water or pollution of the air, which is one of the prerequisites to be vigorously promoted;

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