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Nonwoven MeltblownGood Elasticity
Aug 17, 2017

1. The development of meltblown nonwovens technology

Into the 21st century, the international development of meltblown nonwovens technology by leaps and bounds.

US Hills and Nordson have developed successful two-component meltblowers earlier, including sheath-core, side-by-side, triangular, and so on, usually with fiber fineness close to the micron level, and the number of holes in meltblown spin- 100 holes, the amount of extrusion per hole can reach 0.5g / min.

Core type: can make non-woven fabric to feel soft, can be made concentric, eccentric, shaped products. Inexpensive material to do the core, expensive, with special or desired performance of the polymer for the outer skin layer, such as the core for the polypropylene, the skin for the nylon fiber to absorb moisture; the core is polypropylene, the skin can be used for bonding low Melting polyethylene or modified polypropylene, modified polyester and so on. On the carbon black conductive fibers, the conductive core wrapped in the inside.

Side-by-side type: non-woven fabric can be a good elasticity, usually by two different polymers, or different viscosity of the same polymer made of parallel type two-component fiber, the use of different polymers can do different heat shrinkability Into a spiral crimped fiber. For example, 3M has developed a melt-blown PET / PP bicomponent fiber non-woven fabric, due to different shrinkage, the formation of spiral curl, so that non-woven fabric with excellent flexibility.

Tip type: This is in the three-leaf type, cross-shaped and distal composite of another polymer, such as anti-static, moisture, conductive fiber can be combined on the top of the conductive polymer, both wet, but also conductive , Antistatic, and save the amount of conductive polymer.

1. Use of meltblown nonwovens

Two-component meltblown fibers can complement the performance of a single polymer, such as polypropylene is cheaper, but if used for medical and health materials, it is not resistant to radiation, so that polypropylene can be the core, in the outer layer of the appropriate choice The radiation-resistant polymer is wrapped around the surface to solve the problem of radiation resistance. Which can make the product cheap, but also to complete the functional requirements, such as in the medical field can be used for the respiratory system of hot and wet exchangers, can provide the appropriate similar to the natural heat and humidity. It is light, easy to disinfect, cheap, but also play an additional role in removing the pollutant filter. It can consist of two homogeneous mixed two-component meltblown webs.

Using a core-type two-component fiber, the core layer of polypropylene, leather for the nylon. Two-component fibers can also be shaped cross-section, such as trilobal, multi-leaf shape, to make the surface area larger, but also in its surface or tip part of the polymer can improve the performance of filtration. Olefin or polyester meltblown bicomponent webs can be made into cylindrical liquids and gas filters. Meltblown bicomponent webs are also available for cigarette filters.

Due to the frequent haze in recent years, ultrafine meltblown nonwovens can be used as anti-fog haze filter layer, because ultra-fine meltblown non-woven fabrics have large surface area, so you can effectively adsorb the dust in the air Granules, pollen, and some solid particles, etc., can effectively ensure the respiratory health.

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