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Pay Attention To The Purchase Of SMS Nonwovens Equipment
Aug 15, 2017

  Pay attention to the purchase of SMS Nonwovens equipment

  1. There are a number of non-woven factories abroad dumping SMS equipment, but the price difference is very large. Price is an important factor in the equipment, but in thinking about the price, SMS Nonwoven the more important thing is to think about the function of equipment. The reason why SMS is subject to market send-off is the function that general spunbonded cloth cannot replace. For example: SMS skills must be hydrostatic pressure, can be a certain level of shielding urine and blood. Therefore, in thinking about the model selection, we should not only think about the price, but also consider the function.

  2. To focus on the melt layer: In SMS, M represents the molten spray layer. The melt spraying layer is very important to the hydrostatic pressure, SMS Nonwoven while the spunbonded layer can play some role in this aspect, but it is important to enhance the effect. Because the fiber is mainly superfine fiber, under the condition of abnormal gram weight, the superfine fiber is much larger than the general fiber, which plays a key role in the infiltration of the barrier liquid. However, in the SMS portfolio, the capacity of the spunbonded is much higher than that of the melt-blown capacity (only two layers of spunbonded capacity 1/6-1/8). In the general making baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins fabric, sms composite cloth grams weight only 16-18g/m2, in the leg to prevent leakage layer or do sanitary towel flaps, grams weight still lighter, so do this kind of product, the melt spray layer only 2-3g/m2, generally do baby diapers, hydrostatic pressure should not be less than 120MMH2O. 2G/M2 Melt Spraying cloth (plus two layers of spunbonded) to withstand such a high hydrostatic pressure, SMS Nonwoven  it is necessary to request melt-blown fiber fineness, the average fiber layer to be very good. Therefore, in the selection of models, it is necessary to severely reflect the shape of the melt spraying equipment. Understand the consumption of consumer products in the fuel spray product. To select the melt-blown fiber fineness and the average, the thickness of the melt spray layer is also very average, while the production of the melt spray to be satisfied with the entire consumption line configuration request. The fineness of the melt-blown fiber is generally 0.5-10μm, a good melt spraying equipment the diameter of the fiber body should be between 1-4μm, in the condition of guaranteeing fineness, SMS Nonwoven the output must be able to keep up with the request. Some equipment of the weight of the melt-sprayed cloth can do 0.5g/m2-1g/m2, and some equipment can only do 3g/m2, and then thin basic done, this topic must pay attention to.

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