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The Printing Method And Characteristics Of Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric
Aug 02, 2017

  The printing method and characteristics of Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric

  Often see the supermarket flowers and green shopping bags, printed above a different logo, their printing method is what, most of the use of screen printing process, Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric which is often said that "silk screen."

  What are the characteristics of silk screen:

  1, beautiful, yes, bright colors;

  2, the price is high, yes, silk screen in all non-woven printing process is the most expensive, according to the number of colors, a color, as little as a dime, more than five cents;

  3, the film loaded, slow, Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric most of the silk screen machine only supports the film printing, and not the web printing, and therefore rely on artificial scraping the printing efficiency is very low. With the market for non-woven printing products continue to improve the requirements of silk screen the above characteristics are clearly unable to meet, here we introduce the current mainstream of the market several:

  First, offset printing (gravure printing). This type of printing technology is to make the need to print the pattern on the rubber to highlight the way forming, plate-making process quickly, and then machine printing, printing is not loss of ink, low energy consumption and fast, his characteristics are surface printing, limited.

  Second, copperplate printing (gravure printing). Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric This type of printing technology is to make the need to print the pattern in the copper chrome on the way to form a depression, plate making process is slow, and then machine printing, which is characterized by printing fine, fast.

  Third, heat transfer printing. The method is cumbersome, that is, the first printed on the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then through the transfer device to transfer the pattern to the non-woven fabric. In the textile printing commonly used medium is the thermal transfer film, Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric its advantages are: fine, there are levels, comparable to the photo. So we see a beautiful style non-woven bags are more expensive, because this method is costly.

  These are the non-woven printing methods, because each method is not the same, and the cost of consumption and the use of the time are not the same,

  So there is a price difference. The more expensive the more expensive, the more simple and monotonous the cheaper.

  Finally, talk about printing pigments

  Ink. Because the use of water-based rubber mortar as the printing medium and named in the textile printing more common, also known as printing. When printing the color paste and water-based plastic glue to reconcile. Wash the plate without chemical solvents, can be washed directly with water. Non Slip Nonwoven Fabric Its characteristics are good coloring ability, with strong cover and fastness, washable, basically no smell. Ink, good coloring, strong color performance, but the environmental performance worse than the ink.

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